Argent. Nit. (Argentum Nitricum)

Remedy Profile

Common names: Hellstone, devil's stone, lunar caustic.
Source: Acanthite, which is found in Norway, the US and South America.
Parth used: Silver nitrate

Silver nitrate (a cimpiund of silver) is caustic and antibacterial and was once used medicinally to cauterize wounds and to treat warts, epilepsy, and eye infections in newborn infants. In large amounts, silver nitrate is highly poisonous and causes severe breathing difficulties and damage to the skin, kidneys, liver, spleen and aorta. The Argent. nit. remedy is mainly used for nervous and digestive problems.

Ailments Treated

This remedy is used for all types of fear and anxiety brought on by an over-active imagination. Stage fright claustrophobia and anxiety in the face of unexpected situations are all helped by Argent.nit. Often these fears and phobias are accompanied by a superstition that something awful is about to happen, for example being crushed by a tall building.

Sometimes there is also a sense of great difficulty in resisting reckless behaviour and dangerous impulses, such as jumping from a high window. Anxiety induced sweats or palpitations are also helped by Argent.nit.

This remedy is given for digestice complaints, for example, diarrhoea, flatulence and vomiting, and pulsating headcahes with a slow inset which are caused by eating too many sweet foods or nervous excitement.

Argen.nit. also effective for pain that is better for pressure and fresh air but worse for movement or talking, asthma, colicky pain during weaning, warts, laryngitis with splinter-like pain and hoarseness, sore throatsm epilepsy, and dizziness.

In women, this remedy is given for a bearing down sensation in the uterus due to prolapse or menstruation. It is also good for inflammation of the mucous membranes, especially in the eyes and it used for conjunctivitis.

Complaints treated with Argent.nit are usually left-sided.

Symptoms better for fresh air; for pressure; in cool surroundings.
Symptoms worst
for warmth; lying on the left side; for emotional stress or overwork; for talking or movement; in hot weather.

Key Uses
-Anxieties, fears and phobia.
-Disgestive complaints brought on by nervous excitement or from eating too much sweet food.
-Ailments accompanied by a craving for sweet foods.

Constitutional Type
Argent.nit types are often found in jobs that require quick thinking and a good memory, where the emphasis is on performance, for example, acting. They are driven individuals who think, talk, and act rapidly

Personality & Temprament
These types are extrovert, cheerful, and impressionable. They find it difficult to control their far-ranging minds and emotions and readily laugh, cry, or lose their tempers. This can make them perpetually agitated and apprehensive and may intensify into fearful anticipation, for example, worry and fear about missing a train or forgetting lines in a forthcoming performance. Their constant anxiety and worry may lead to irrational fears, for example, being crushed by a tall building or impulsively jumping from a great height.

The Argent.Nit. Child
-Looks prematurely old.
-Hates stuffy rooms.
-Nervy, excitable and apprehensice and may be nauseous or sick at the thought of school.
-Prone to insomnia due to anticipatory anxiety.
-Craves salty and sweet food, which may cause diarrhoea. Breastfed babies have colic and diarrhoea if the mother eats sweet foods.

Physical Appearance
Argent.nit types tend to have sunken features and develop early lines and wrinkles which them appear prematurely old and mentally overtaxed. They may be prone to sudden, profuse, nervous sweats.

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8 Responses to "Argent. Nit. (Argentum Nitricum)"

Dinesh Rao said... February 19, 2015 at 2:44 PM

espected Sir,
I am 23 yrs old and unmarried.
1. I am very shy guy, lack of confidence, stress/ depress all the time. Palpitation when talking to someone or girl , hesitation in tongue when talking, memory loss, shyness.
2. I can't speak in public meating or at stage, my heart beat increase. I can't speak in Interview and Group Discussion (GD). Palpitation, trembling problem.
3. fear of accident, i can't drive bike or car.
4. fear of height.
5. I have strong fear or anxiety of Sex and Marriage. i can't talk to girls, can't look at girl. When I think about girl or sex, my heart beat increase(Palpitation), becomes nervous.

So kindly tell me which homeopathic medicine i should take to get rid from these problems. Please also mention the amount of dose, potency, time and how many days/months need for permanent result.
i am waiting for ur reply. thanks

Kvn Rao said... October 28, 2015 at 8:22 PM

ARGENTICUM NITRICUM30 4 pills twice a day is ver useful in this case. HOMEO MEDICINE.
NR Brahmin.doctoyoga

Murali Ganapathy Subramaniam said... March 21, 2016 at 2:43 AM

How many days. In case of liquid what is the dosage ( 30 c Etc.,) Please

Murali Ganapathy Subramaniam said... March 21, 2016 at 2:43 AM

How many days. In case of liquid what is the dosage ( 30 c Etc.,) Please

muhammad Yousaf awan said... April 9, 2016 at 7:39 AM

I am 60 years.I got erectile problem what remidy should use

Gireesh Hallur said... January 27, 2017 at 11:55 PM

I am 41 year old i suffering from last 10 years hypochondriasis and agorafabia can anybody suggest the ARG NIT 200 is usefull for me.

Valentina Tuastad said... April 7, 2017 at 9:57 AM
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RAJ VIJETA said... May 6, 2018 at 2:20 AM

Bhai daily muth mara karo

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